Fresh Eyes for Your Digital Lifestyle i

By : gimbar.maulana | on 2:48 PM February 07, 2017
Category : Objects of Desire

As our modern lives continue to depend on high-end devices, our eyes and neck suffer the pain. Worry not because German optics specialist Zeiss renders eye fatigue a thing of the past by launching “Digital Lenses.”

The pioneer product is specifically designed to meet the needs of people in their 30s and 40s experiencing near-vision discomfort for the first time. It is equipped with optimised lens to support close-up vision of digital devices and comfortable near power zone for stress-free screen viewing.

First-time spectacle wearers and single-vision wearers should not have trouble getting used to Zeiss’ latest innovation as it features a large distance zone and compressed corridor to match their visual behaviors.

Available in a variety of lens types from clear to polarised, Zeiss gives your eyes a fit, focused, and fresh start to embrace the digital world.

Available at Zeiss Vision Center Plaza Indonesia and all Optik Tunggal Chain Stores.