Corporate Round-up / November 2018

Creative Economy Festival

After the success of Bekraf Festival 2017 in Bandung, West Java, last December, the Creative Economy Agency plans to hold it again, this time at Grand City Mall in Surabaya, East Java, on Nov. 15-17.

The festival celebrates the success of the government body in establishing a creative economic ecosystem, and as a form of appreciation to those who have contributed in the ecosystem's development and that of the Indonesian economy in general.

The Bekraf Festival also aims to raise awareness of the creative ecosystem that has been nurtured to allow the inclusion of many arts in the country.

"The event will help the public understand what Bekraf has been doing to realize the goal of making Indonesia one of the biggest creative economies in the world," said Triawan Munaf, the head of Bekraf.

He added that with the agency now entering its fourth year of existence, it would continue with its mission to further develop the creative economy in Indonesia through incubation programs that allow creative industry players to become more effective in their trade.

The Bekraf Festival is held all around Indonesia, and the determining factor for the location depends on the region's support for the creative economy. In this way, the festival serves as a testament to the region's commitment to the success of the creative economy. For this reason, Surabaya was chosen as the festival's next venue.

According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Surabaya is home to the largest number of creative industry players and has the biggest potential in the creative economy among Indonesia's largest cities.

"With the festival being held in Surabaya this November, we hope the people in the region would be more aware and continue to develop the creative economy in the region" Triawan said.