L.I.F.E / November 2019

Green, Water and Life at Jatiluhur Jazz Festival

The 1st International Jatiluhur Jazz Festival 2019 will be held on the weekend of 30th November and 1st December starting at 15:00 WIB. The festival was initiated by Jasa Tirta II, supported by SOEs and the Regional Government of West Java Province. It will feature music from different genres with a jazz touch performed by national and international musicians. It is hoped to boost domestic and foreign tourism through promoting cultural expression through music as well as building entertainment facilities for the local community. President Director of Jasa Tirta II, U. Saefudin Noer, said that The 2019 International Jatiluhur Jazz Festival is part of Jasa Tirta II's flagship program to promote music tourism and raise awareness for the environment. In addition, this event is held to strengthen and empower the local economy, MSMEs, creative artists and cultural figures. "It is unique and innovative to showcase Jatiluhur's potential. We support it because of its positive impacts," said Ferry Andrianto, the Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of BUMN. The festival will be held in the Blue Harbor area, providing a natural atmosphere on the edge of the reservoir with an afternoon breeze and beautiful mountain views as well as the Jatiluhur Reservoir icon, the Morning Glory, in the evening. Ir. H. Djuanda Jatiluhur reservoir was chosen due to the success of Jasa Tirta II in managing the natural resources and leading the community program to clean the Citarum river. "The theme for the 1st International Jatiluhur Jazz Festival is "Green, Water and Life" to promote the campaign for protecting the environment and water for life. We have worked hard to organize and maintain the cleanliness of the Jatiluhur Reservoir so that its benefits can continue to be enjoyed and invite the community to participate in maintaining the cleanliness of this reservoir," said U. Saefudin Noer. A number of jazz artists and musicians from Indonesia and abroad have expressed their interest in taking part to display their latest music and play legendary hits. The current line up includes: Dwiki Dharmawan, World Peace Project, feat Steve Thornton, Kamal Musallam and Wizzy, Syaharani & Queenfireworks, Java Jive, Mus Mujiono, Krakatau, 57coustic, Moccondoss 40, Selaawi Ethnic Ensemble, Saratuspercent Percent, Ermy Kullit, Indro Hardjodikoro feat Kayla, Farabi Big Band Ita Purnamasari feat, Idea Percussion, Uban Project, Marcell, Via Vallen and Zaskia Gotik. "This is a good opportunity for musicians to contribute using music. In this event a variety of new music creativity will emerge, not only for jazz musicians but also for other musicians," said Dwiki Dharmawan, Artistic Director of the Jatiluhur Jazz Festival. He added that The 1st International Jatiluhur Jazz Festival will have a variety of genres of jazz from straight to funk to traditional musical expression. The ticket are broken down into categories. The GREEN ticket costs Rp. 125,000 per regular day. The WATER ticket costs Rp. 150,000 per event. The LIFE tickets are for students Rp. 100.000 for all events. Tickets can be directly purchased at www.loket.com/event/jatiluhurjazz2019