Events / December 2017

Christie’s Party

Last October, Christie’s celebrated the Halloween by with an after party held in Plaza Indonesia after the success of their Asian 20th Century Contemporary Art, Chinese Paintings, Jewelry, Watches, and Handbags. The world renown auction house have held an open viewing of their 20th Century Asian Contemporary Art, Chinese Paintings department along with several collection of Jewelry, Watches, and Handbags on October 27. The viewing is followed with a Halloween themed costume party with entertainment provided by DJ Mayo. The world leading art auction house continued on to display the art pieces at a new venue in Hong Kong which took place on 27 November, entitled Court, Studio, Atelier – An Evening Sale of Chinese Works of Art and Paintings from the Ming Dynasty. A culmination of the collaboration between the Chinese Paintings and Chinese Works of Art departments. The viewing will be followed by the sale of the carefully selected group of the finest masterpieces from the Ming dynasty. Starting from the 16th Century, a sense of overwhelming freedom permeated the cultural and artistic fabric of China as the imperial court loosened its grip over the art it produced. Unlike the reign of earlier emperors, court artists found a new expression in the production of ceramics, lacquers, jade and metal works. Leading a number of highlights is a group of exceptional Imperial Ming ceramic and lacquer works with unparalleled provenance from the celebrated Le Cong Tang Collection.