Events / August 2016

Sitting Pretty With Actiu

Spanish seating maker Actiu is exploring the opportunity to grow its brand by leveraging on Indonesia’s new work style and dynamism to support staff productivity and well- being. The official launch of the products took place on July 22 with hundreds of premium customers in attendance in Jakarta. Actiu’s president and founder D. Vincente Berbegal Perez expressed his delight at the turn-out of hundreds of invitees and their high level of appreciation of his products. In Indonesia Actiu’s hundreds of product lines are managed by PT Bahana Wisesa Intiberkat (BWI), which takes care of promotion strategies to give the brand a competitive edge in the marketplace. He described the company’s values as based on ‘Cool Working’ that reflects on-time delivery, high quality and environmentally friendly products, a high level of responsiveness to customers, backed by the company’s long experience in dealing with varied and different markets in more than 70 countries worldwide. As a family business, Actiu focuses its values on a close relationship between management and staff and intense collaboration with customers.  BWI’s president director Charles Sutanto sees a big opportunity for Actiu products to deliver in the Indonesian market because of its proven track record and quality. Actiu understands that modern customers spend so much time in offices that research and development of new technology is a must so that products support customers’ health and comfort. In just one example, the TNK Flex chair, designed by Alegre design, is a leader in Actiu’s new products category. Charles adds that Actiu’s products supply all requirements for offices for desk systems, space division, reception and transit rooms, soft seating as well as filing systems.