Events / February 2018

Wearing National Pride

Watchmaker SevenFriday recently launched their newest addition to their collection at an event held in December. The exclusive SevenFriday P2B/5 Indonesian edition features design that are uniquely Indonesian, the timepiece has motifs derived from Batik, and Keris. The chronometer’s nod to the rich historical and cultural heritage of Indonesia are displayed boldly on the straps and the animation ring on the watch face. Taking an element of Indonesia’s iconic blade, the watch face features damascus steel watch dial shaped like a keris. The case is made out of walnut wood and adorned with Parang Batik motif engraved on the sides of the case. The strap is a locally made leather strap from TunxStrap of Surabaya, embossed with the sanskrit words of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” the national motto of Indonesia meaning United in Diversity. The watch is available exclusively in SevenFriday Space in Plaza Indonesia, and are limited to 72 pieces, in conjunction to Indonesia’s 72nd anniversary.