Headline / October 2019

Dassault’s 6X Sets New Standards In Cabin Comfort

It will have the tallest and widest cabin of any purpose-built business jet. The cabin height will be 6ft 6in and the cross section will 102 inches, giving you more space for privacy and relaxation. The cabin length will be 40ft 4in. This aircraft can accommodate 12-16 passengers with individual seating in three separate lounge areas. The French aircraft-maker’s in-house design team have completely rethought and restyled the cabin interior, so the 6X is in a class of its own when it comes to comfort. The cabin features flowing, uninterrupted lines that enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Dassault’s 6X can be fitted with larger divan beds, there is a larger galley and more space for larger living and meeting areas; making the 6X truly your office and home in the sky. This aircraft has larger windows, as well as a skylight, so you can enjoy the scenery and there is plenty of natural light in the cabin. The aircraft also promises to have the quietest cabin in the sky, thanks to the aircraft’s aerodynamic design and Dassault’s leading noise suppression technology. The cabin’s environmental control system, which includes state-of-the-art cabin air filtration and air circulation systems helps you stay fully refreshed, even on a long flight. The other reason you will feel refreshed flying the 6X is because the aircraft can cruise at 41,000ft but the cabin altitude us a comfortable 3,900ft. This aircraft has short take-off and landing capability, making it ideal for Indonesia’s many and varied airports, but it is also a long-range aircraft. It flies at high speed – of up to Mach .85 – but when it comes in to land, it lands safely, at slow speed, thanks to the aircraft’s leading edge and trailing edge slats. This aircraft also comes with FalconEye, Dassault’s revolutionary head-up display (HUD) combining enhanced vision with synthetic vision to provide the pilots with better situational awareness at night and in bad weather. The 5,500nm aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW812Ds, an engine renowned for its reliability and fuel efficiency. From Jakarta the 6X can fly non-stop to anywhere in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With one-stop it can access Europe and North America.