Events / October 2016 1st Anniversary celebrated its first anniversary on September 9 which also marked the local e-commerce company’s expansion to 93 percent of Indonesian cities and districts as part of its strategy to implement an online-to-offline system. The company expanded to 483 of Indonesia’s 534 cities as became the first online retailer in the country to successfully implement an online-to-offline system, which allows customers to shop online and pick up their goods at the retailer’s nearest delivery hub. The system also offers a cash on delivery option, providing customers with an easy way to pay at the hubs. Delivery hubs are similar to retail company warehouses, where merchandise is stored temporarily before being dispatched to customers. However, the hubs are located near main population centers, while warehouses are generally located in industrial areas. The hubs therefore allow customers to enjoy faster delivery times, right to their doors. According to CEO Hadi Wenas, the most unusual hub is situated in Papua, where a continually growing number of customers kept making repeat orders. Photo shows Hadi Wenas and founder John Riady cutting the anniversary cake.