Escape / July 2017

The Karma Way

By Gilang Al Farisi


Bali has never been a stranger to luxury resorts and the island's beaches and picturesque sights are renowned all over the globe. Despite the plentiful resorts and hotels in the region, Karma Kandara resort strives to blow the competition out of the water.

The resort, managed and developed by Karma Group, was originally meant as the retirement spot of founder John Spence. He consulted a feng shui master to scout a location that could become a home where he and his family could spend their retirement in quiet solitude.

When the location was presented to him, a hilly, barren, secluded piece of land overlooking a beach, he developed it into a fitting home for his family. But noting how beautiful the location was, he came to realize that his retirement spot was better suited to be a resort.

Now, with its Chi or quintessential Karma vibe, the resort is positively charged due to the close proximity to nature and the natural sights from the property. The resort hosts a number of architect-designed villas, each unique in their design and amenities, positioned on the cliff above one of the top five beaches in Asia.

“The architecture of a resort is an important aspect to me, as most resorts would rather focus on the cost-effectiveness and what makes more money.” He did not share this notion, believing that the whole design of the resort should reflect the esthetics of the buildings and the creativity of the architects. His philosophy of making the resort an esthetic masterpiece has translated well.

“Fourteen years ago this land that was shown to me was nothing more than a dirt road and most of my colleagues thought I was mad, but eventually it has turned from an expensive project into one of the most coveted real estate spots in Bali,” he says.

One of the main staples of the luxury resort is the incredibly beautiful beach that is a huge attraction. Unfortunately the beach has become too small when it is peak season for the resort, so Karma Group and John are planning to expand the already large property. The beach club is slated for expansion in the near future to accommodate the crowd aiming to enjoy the beach.

The picturesque and exclusive resort is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. Its seclusion and vibes provide clients of the hotel a chance to recharge and build up the energy needed for their return to the city.