Indulgence / May 2019

The Race is On

By Elsid Arendra F   PT Maxindo Moto Nusantara, the brand holder of BMW Motorrad in Indonesia is ready to hold a race qualification to select the best team in Indonesia. The first race qualification will be held on July 27, 2019. The owners of BMW adventure motorcycles team up for adventure challengesduring qualification such as: maneuver the GS over a broken bridge, ride on the road full of lumps and bumps, drive through deep sand, and heave it over stony river beds and tree trunks. Furthermore there are navigation exercises with GPS, quiz questions about the GS and technical challenges, such as tire change under time pressure.   The best group who have passed the hard qualifier will represent Indonesia and participate in the preliminary round in Malaysia, September 2019. The best team from Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia will compete again to select the best survival. The winner from South East Asia will participate in the seventh edition of the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy which will hit New Zealand in early 2020.     Early this year, New Zealand was announced as the host nation for the competition, which will put dozens of teams from around the world through their off-road paces in a range of challenges. The photo above shows the competition in Mongolia.   Last year in Mongolia, the GS Trophy have female participants, so now, Maxindo Moto also open the race qualifier to all gender. “I’m more than confident that Indonesian riders are capable to go through all the challenges. Therefore I hope we will have a team of our Indonesian riders to taste the GS Trophy in New Zealand in 2020.” Joe Frans, CEO of BMW Motorrad said to journalists on the breakfasting and press conference at their office early this month.   “We only provide 20 group, each group consisting of 3 persons with following requirements: Male or female, at least 18 years old, having SIM C driving license, have their own all-adventure type of BMW Motorcycle and must have follow safety standard including proper body protection and riding gears.” Joe explained.   “For those who owns other type of BMW motorcycle but willing to participate in this adventure challenge, we provide 20 units of BMW G310 GS to be used on the qualifications event. We open the registration time starting tomorrow, 16 May, you can come to our store or you can follow our social media to get the registration form.” Joe added.   The assessment on the qualification race will carry out by a panel consisting of four jury. They are Imanuel Pratna, a BMW Motorrad IIA Off-road certified instructor, Budi Irawan from national police training center, Joel Mastana from Indonesian Motorbike Association, and Wisnu Gareng, a senior adventure riding journalist.   Maxindo Moto also provides a training session for those who want to practice and improve their skills before starting the qualification. There are two levels, intermediate and advance with the registration fee at IDR 1 million for intermediate and IDR 1.2 million for advance session. Maxindo Moto also provide 20 units of G310 GS motorcycles to rent on the spot with IDR 2 million per session. The training will be held on National Police Training Center in Sentul on June 15 and 22 for the intermediate, and July 7 for advance class. So are you ready to race?