Leisure / March 2019

Ride the Bike to See the Lizard

Early this year, a group of adventure motorcycle enthusiasts rode their bike on an event called Indonesia Rally Adventure (IAR). Led by Kadex Ramayadi, a prominent name in two wheels off-road and Reza Dana, both are come from Bali. Their 7-day trip took them to visit several regions including a famous pre-historic Waerebo Village, Watukodi Beach, Bena Village, Koka Beach, Kelimutu Mountain, Mbay Nagekeo City, and Riung City. They departed from Labuan Bajo and finished in the same city.


To keep safety and comfort on the off-road track, they limited the participant only up to 35 persons. They really want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Flores and avoid trouble. "Imagine if there is a single track with over 100 motorcycle queuing to go through, there is no comfort anymore." Kadex explained. "Participant must use dual-purpose tires or knobby off-road tires, but we do not limited on the engine capacity. Some of them use a 150cc dirt bike, some others have larger like a 1200cc adventure motorcycle. We provide a newbie-friendly cross country track so that a large engine capacity motorcycle still can go through." said the tall man.

The event itself brought the participants to indulge with nature. In a week trip, they slept on the tents for 3 days. The interesting thing is, there were participants who brought 2 support cars with crews and equipment to provide them with tents and portable kitchen which cater soup and other kind of meals.

"The track in IAR is a combination with both paved and unpaved off-road roads, but with total 1,250km distance, mostly are unpaved off-road roads. All the participants felt very satisfied when we touched the finish line." said Kadex with a smile

"One of the unforgettable moment is when a female participant got stung by a scorpion when she put on her gloves at Koka Beach. She didn't realise that there was a scorpion inside her gloves. That remind us to take care of our belonging very careful and do not leave them carelessly. Luckily, the scorpion wasn't big enough so a light medical treatment was enough to take care of the bite." Kadex  said.

Flores' natural heat is a real challenge for participants. But all of that paid off by the natural beauty of Flores and the hospitality of the people found during the trip. The track that Kadex led the participants left a special impression on their mind. Some thought the path was quite challenging, some said it was very hard, and some of them even overwhelmed.

The last day is closed with an interesting moment when they visited Komodo National Park. Komodo Island is one of two islands in the world, the other one is Rinca Island, that have these infamous Komodo lizards. There are roughly 4000 lizards on the island and about 200 inhabitants. (Yes people actually live there!)

"In the middle of this year we plan to hold another IAR event at the same location in East Nusa Tenggara because the place is really challenging to explore the beauty of nature and culture," Kadex closed.