L.I.F.E / October 2019

A More Complete Infrastructure

The South Jakarta area such as Pondok Cabe and its surroundings is now increasingly developed. There are several growing residential areas; be it vertical or horizontal. All this, however, cannot be separated from its infrastructure availability whether it is public transportation or tollways. In Lebak Bulus, there are stations and depots for Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Lebak Bulus and a number of Transjakarta routes. There are also new toll roads which are now in operation in the following routes: Depok-Antasari, Jagorawi and Serpong. Lastly, the Cijago Section II Toll Road, which has also opened, now connects Cinere with Kukusan. This affects the residential area around the Pondok Cabe area. Aside from its increasingly attractive price, access to the said area is now being targeted by property investors or developers. Hence, it should not be a surprise that Pondok Cabe is now a Jabodetabek sunrise property. Research and Consultancy Savills Indonesia Director, Anton Sitorus, as quoted by various media, has not long ago stated that the popularity of the infrastructure development in an area can be considered as a magnet to consumers when selecting a property. “The public nowadays tends to tie home purchase plan with transportation access. An area with an easy transportation access is greatly in demand if it is included in their chosen housing.”, he said. He believes that purchased property products must include criteria that usually guarantee profit for its investors; for instance, a strategic location, complete and modern facilities as well as an easy access to transportation. This is because these criteria can guarantee the profit that will be obtained by the investors in the future. The Parc Apartment built in the Pondok Cabe area can be an option for investors or end users that are in search for a residential property. Aside from its strategic location, the first coliving residence concept in Jabodetabek has become the selling point for this apartment developed by the PT Setiawan Dwi Tunggal. Located in the Golden Triangle between three areas such as Jakarta (DKI Jakarta), Tangerang (Banten) and Depok (West Java), The Parc has its own perks as a residential area. The location of the Pondok Cabe Airport that is planned to be a commercial airport as well as the construction of tollways that have just recently started to operate, such as the Cijago Section II Toll Road, Andara and Brigif 2 Toll Road, Cinere Toll Road and R.E. Martadinata Toll Road, have also become one of the magnets that attract the investors who are in search for residences. Furthermore, the economic growth in this area makes the Pondok Cabe area as the new Sunrise Property in the capital city’s buffer zone. In addition, The Parc is held by a well-supported infrastructure such as the Martadinata and Cijago Toll Roads that will definitely make this area more attractive and accessible transportation such as the TransJakarta through the SouthCity and the Lebak Bulus MRT route. The groundbreaking of The Parc Apartment held on September 19th 2019 becomes a sign for the arrival of the coliving housing trend in South Jakarta. The SouthCity Director, Peony Tang, stated that her side is greatly optimistic that The Parc becomes one of the options suitable for the consumers particularly the property investors. This is because The Parc has criteria that is searched by consumers and investors such as a strategic location, complete facilities and adequate transportation access. “Property is an asset that never declines, especially with an up-to-the-mark facility and location as the price steadily increases up to the point where it is unaffordable.”, she said. Peony stated, apart from the location and transportation access, her side also guarantees the facilities that are definitely needed by the millennial generation and young families. “As a coliving residence, The Parc offers community facilities and collaborates with its inhabitants by paying attention to the aesthetics as well as comfort for its tenants.”, she said. With this concept, The Parc is inspired to develop its five excellencies for its tenants including the Excellent Superblock, Excellent Facilities, Excellent Transportation, Excellent Location and Excellent Technology. For Excellent Technology, The Parc has an assured security system for its tenants by using private access card and free Wi-fi with a fast internet connectivity in the Club House area and Co-Working Space.”, said Peony. Meanwhile, the SouthCity Associate Director, Steve Faverius Jaya, adds that his side is also offering innovations as well as payment facilities for the investors and end users who have the opportunity to own a The Park residence with 50,000 IDR/day or 1.5 million/month that is only available for limited units. The Parc is a superblock area that is built on an area of 1.5 hectare with 75% of it being a green space with various facilities such as a coworking space, 50m Olympic Size swimming pool, kids’ swimming pool, children’s playground, lounge, badminton court, gym, jogging track as well as a free shuttle bus to TB Simatupang, UI Depok. Since being marketed on last June 2018, the Parc has sold about 75% of its total 391 units in the first tower. “We have a target of sales up to 100% this year and afterwards we will have the second tower on the market.” said Stevie. With an investment of 800 billion IDR, the groundbreaking of The Parc’s first tower of 391 out of 1,701 units will begin to be constructed by the end of 2019 and is estimated to be completed by Q2 2022. Meanwhile, the per unit price of The Parc Apartment starts from 357 million IDR (studio type) to 731 million IDR (2 bedroom type).