L.I.F.E / July 2019

Aspire Lifestyle’s Experiential Offering

It is now a trend and a necessity in society to look for memorable experiences, especially for the affluent and high net worth (HNW) individuals.

Experiential offerings has always been one of the company’s core pillars. With the trend of HNWIs seeking experiences, Aspire Lifestyle is well poised to tailor curated experiences and hidden gems from destinations all over the world. “We help brands to connect to their customers at a deeper level. We are the leading global B2B luxury  benefit  solution  and  personal assistance provider, with 26 concierge centres across 22 countries,” says Indonesia Aspire Lifestyle head, Ita Susanto.

Ita adds that, Aspire Lifestyle has fulfilled 3 million concierge requests globally in the past year. This, she says is a unique market where the company sees quite a high interest related to lifestyle and wellness, that’s why Aspire are focusing on delivering services within these pillars to be consistent with market demand. Aspire Lifestyles develops and owns global partnerships to enable that one-door solution approach for our clients and a customized solution to each of our valued customers.

“For example, one of our HNW customers was flustered as he wanted his son to watch the international soccer match but even his relationship manager could not secure tickets for him. The customer called Aspire’s concierge team and able to secure the coveted access through our network,” Ita explains. Aspire Lifestyle, says Ita also successfully organized for small groups of HNWIs for a limited dinner with film star and outbound experiences.

Going Forward 

Ita confirm that digital services will be an integral component of Aspire Lifestyle’s solutions going forward. This starts with making its traditional concierge services and partnerships available via digital platforms (such as website, mobile apps, and consumer messaging channels). In addition, Aspire Lifestyles is investing in building solutions that can deliver amazing customer experiences – across a wide range of interests and geographies – through digital channels. It includes in the company’s new Concierge Center in Miami Florida that opened recently.

While it is true that some individual markets shows some unique services at the end of the day the company believes that its global market place and the drivers that influence and effect the Indonesian market are the same as we see on the global arena. The key to be successful will be the same; keep understanding of the local market dynamics, client’s insights and a personalized approach to serve Indonesian affluent and high net worth Indonesia people.

Going forward, Aspire Lifestyles will be continuously add its global footprint, opening up new areas of both benefit and privileges to its members. “In a digital age we will also continue to enhance our digital offering, allowing clients the opportunity to engage on a real time basis for their needs 24x7 and 365 days of the year no matter where in the world they may find themselves,” says Ita.