L.I.F.E / July 2019

Authentic Japan in the Heart of Cosmopolitan Tokyo

Otemachi, next to the Imperial Palace, was an area of Bushi’s (vassals) mansions during the Edo-period, Tokugawa shogunate. Hence, this area has a distinctive atmosphere different from other areas of Tokyo such as Shinjuku or Shibuya. Hoshinoya Tokyo is uniquely created as a “Japanese Ryokan” reminiscent of a “Tower” imbued with Hoshino Resort’s 100 years of expertise in the business. A ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn where you can relax in a tatami-floored room with hot spring baths and seasonal cuisine. Ryokans, however, are hard to find in large cities and are more typically located in scenic areas such as in the mountains or by the ocean where the beauty of the seasons are celebrated. At Hoshinoya Tokyo, guests have everything they need to experience the true Japan without leaving Tokyo.