L.I.F.E / October 2019

Denim Lifestyle

The event took place to introduce the brand’s newest collections of bags and denim for men, with various pieces like backpack, gym bag, travel, and crossbody bag, along with new exclusive choices of denim jeans. The theme of the GUESS event is “GUESS MEN Camp,” which is chosen by GUESS Indonesia to represent the collections of assorted bags and jeans that are casual but quite elegant. The event was not exclusive to Jakarta, it was also held in Yogyakarta on August 31 and Bali in September at GUESS Accessories Bali. The event invited several well known male influencers that have are known to have discernible fashion sense and also members of the media and public figures. The program includes trunk show, live denim painting by Eyez on Me, product review, and a performance from DJ Nikki Frazetta. The trunk show features the collection’s denim and bags made for men accompanied with music by DJ Nikki, it is then followed by product preview that explains in detail all about the collection. At the tail end of the event, guests are served canapés and drinks provided by Strongbow and are entertained by the DJ.