L.I.F.E / December 2019

Experience The Royal Balinese Culture

Most of the tourists put the sunrise and sunset moments on top of their list while on vacation in Bali. So, a hotel where they can enjoy one of those moments is important on their list,  especially a hotel where you can enjoy those two moments, on the beach exclusively, lying relaxed on the couch while enjoying breakfast. There is a resort in a strategic area with a variety of complete facilities.

Enjoying the geographical advantages on the Sanur beachfront facing east, Santrian Resort & Villa has a coastline that guests can enjoy while having breakfast. 20-minute drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, this luxury resort won the Gold Circle Award from Agoda with a score of 7.5 customer reviews, appropriate competitive rates, a hotel that has the best industry standards, and gives great attention to their guest enjoyable and memorable experience.

The resort has so many things to offer. Its attractive location on Sanur Beach is the main attraction of a favorite tourist destination; it’s such a gift from nature. Sunrise experience is a great beginning, what next is, you are free to choose a seat in the bar while enjoying the view of the  beach, you can also enjoy the warmth of the sun smiling at you a few clicks away from the sea shore. There are several huts in the middle of the beach. Yes, you are located on a private hut with the water surrounds you.

It is just not stop there, sunset will guide you through a romantic night with small yellow lights deemed on horizon in the distance. You can order cocktails with your partner to seal the romantic atmosphere. Holidays with family or friends, this resort provides unforgettable moments.

This resort provides a variety of menus to suit your taste. The concept of buffet dining is a hallmark of culinary at Santrian Resort & Villa. What is the level of confidence of staff and their response to the guests difficulties or requests? All guest testimonies on online travel sites provide a high level of satisfaction. No wonder many tour guides arrange their clients to stay at this resort.


Faithful to the Balinese tradition, the hotel operated with the warmth and generosity of spirit with it’s courteous and attentive staff devoted to making your stay one remember, which was inspired by the harmony of a traditional Balinese village and is known for its impeccable service and genuine hospitality that sweeps travelers into a realm of belonging.

Santrian Resort & Villa is also equipped with quite complete spa services. Here you will feel the massage from the hands of traditional masseurs who are well trained. And one thing that may rarely be found in other properties is a calm and comfortable of typical Balinesee traditional atmosphere at the resort. There is one last surprise.

Locally owned that spans over three generations of a respected Balinese family, the group provides a rare opportunity to see a different side of Bali where each day is perceived as a precious gift from God, and life revolves around a cycle of symbolic ceremonies. The guests are invited to partake in a complimentary tour of a traditional Balinese temple compound and private residence in Sanur. Griya Keniten is the ancestral home of Ida Bagus Tjethana Putra, founder of Santrian’s evolving hospitality group. 

Outfitted in a sarong and sash, plus a customary headdress for men, guests will be transported to Griya Keniten to learn about Bali’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. An accompanying guide from the hotel will talk about traditional architecture and how the layout of the compound is essentially a microcosm of the Hindu-Balinese universe. To conclude this enriching Balinese experience, tea, coffee and local sweet treats will be served on the terrace of a main pavilion in a charming garden setting. This is something you don’t find on another premises.

Santrian Resorts & Villa is a premier accommodation brand that selects distinct destinations for its properties. Santrian properties are well appreciated by the new and repeat visitors, perfect for individuals, couples, families or business travelers who thirst for interesting travel opportunities and personalized experiences. A privately held Balinese-based holding company that operates several successful leisure, there are currently three hotels in operation on the island of Bali with their most luxurious villa is the Royal Santrian. Find more www.santrian.com