L.I.F.E / July 2019

Neighborhood that Matters

Its native special Indonesia’s coffees also redefine its existence among peers. While innovation is subjective, Indigo hotel place it as something as a must to be still in the industry. Just recently GlobeAsia, has special occasion to have an short interview with Hotel Indigo new appointed general manager, Jean Heliere. He has solid experience hotel industry for more than 20 years and enjoy it so much as he can meet different people every day. Started as a waiter in one popular hotel at the heart of London, where he could serve stars like Madona, and Rolling Stone bands personal at its opening ceremony. Excerpts of interview is as follows.

What makes the Indigo Hotel special and differ from any other hotels of its kind?

The coffee. Well, in Seminyak Indigo is the biggest one, but what makes it special and unique is, the neighborhood in Seminyak this is the only hotel in this location that is different from other, you can see so much details and quality product inside, it’s really something special. Even if someone just staying for one night here and no change to go to city of Seminyak, just come for a coffee here or having a lunch here with a beach in front. That’s a different concept because the neighborhood is strong. And the design in here for the architecture and art, we make it so hard as a representative for Seminyak.

As the new appointed general manager, what are some innovations you’re planning to deliver in Hotel Indigo Bali?

As a general manager I have strong concern on the issues of business sustainability. Just three weeks ago we visited an orphanage in Denpasar, where we always take participation to make the orphanage keep survive, giving them food along with some organizations that has similar interest. We also preserve the beach, using water efficiently, and take participation in ecosystem conservation. We’re one of main supporter here to keep our community sustainable through our social responsibility.

What is the most important value a hotel should have in order to make their guest feel happy stay there? Why?

Listen. You need to listen, if you don’t listen your guest, you don’t understand their needs, expectation, then they will never come again.

How do you see the prospect of the hotel industry in 10 years? What should be improved from the industry?

Not even in 10 years, 5 years from now hotel industry will be much different than today. We are fortunate that we still have more guests coming in and out, and there so many opportunity to competition. So the competition will be different. So again, we should have to listen and aware of what customer want.

What are the three must-do-things for guests in Hotel Indigo Bali?

Have a coffee here, because we have our own coffee brands. We have a coffee from Kintamani a combination of selected arabica and robusta and doing roast of our own here. So your coffee experience will be really unique. Second one is SugarSands, if you like sunset that’s always one of special here with special cocktail. With a yellow or orange sunset it’s always different, it’s really something unique. The Spa, Bali Spa Treatment is our signature massage, which is also quite special.