L.I.F.E / July 2019

Promoting New Aircraft in Indonesia

French-Italian aircraft-maker ATR has launched a new variant of its ATR 42 turboprop aircraft, which it sees is ideal for countries such as Indonesia. The new variant, the ATR 42-600S, is designed to take off and land from runways as short as 800m (2,625ft). It means smaller airports or airstrips in places such as Kalimantan, Sulawesi and West Papua will now be more accessible thanks to the short take-off and landing capability of the ATR 42-600S. Other aircraft - as large as the ATR 42-600S, which can seat around 50 passengers - need a runway that is more than 1000m long. ATR aims to start delivering the ATR 42-600S sometime between 2022 and 2024 and has already started to take sales orders from airlines and aircraft leasing companies. The airline launch customer is Air Tahiti, which has ordered two and plans to use the aircraft to serve the small islands in French Polynesia. But ATR is also promoting the aircraft in Indonesia which is its largest market globally thanks Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air, which operate the 70 to 80-seat ATR 72-600. ATR argues that turboprop aircraft are better for the environment – the aircraft has a fuel burn and CO2 emissions that are 40% less than jet aircraft in the same size category.