Technology / March 2018

Artificially Intelligent Advertising

By Gilang Al Farisi

With Indonesia emerging as one of the best hubs for digital business platforms, the need has arisen for traditional business to convert its way of trading. Businesses that are on the crux of change appreciate that while advertising in the digital media can draw crowds, they also need to draw in the right kinds of consumers that suit their industry.

To meet this requirement, Capillary Technologies is ready to give its clients the edge they need to stay relevant in the current technology-based business scene. It has the experience and, it argues, the right approach to deal with customer problems.

Abhijeet Vijayvergiya, vice president of the company, spent some time with GlobeAsia to explain the contributions Capillary can provide its clients and how it can impact Indonesia's business scene. Founded in 2008, Capillary is backed by a number of big names in the venture capital business: Warburg Pincus, Sequoia Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and American Express Ventures.

Capillary’s technology solutions help businesses get ahead of the digital evolution and stay ‘Always Consumer Ready’, said Abhijeet. Its platform integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to make it easy for brands to get deep understanding and insights into their consumers, engage consumers through personalized one-on-one communication, provide easy and connected cross-channel commerce experiences and build loyalty to reward and retain the best consumers.

“What's unique about our group is that our core team consists of mainly engineers that are dedicated to provide technological solutions to our client's problems,” said Abhijeet. This has driven Capillary to become a problem-solver within the digital industry’s advertising systems.

“We understand the technical aspects and the base problems of each of our clients’ diverse hurdles; this is how we build our product around the needs of our clients,” Abhijeet stated.

As the vice president and business head for India and Southeast Asia at Capillary Technologies, he has taken a lead role, successfully applying the company’s strategy and plans to further expand the business of their clients. He has assisted the company in rapidly growing its footprint across the Indian retail market with significant customer wins and helped establish Capillary as an emerging market leader in the omni-channel customer engagement and commerce space.

Capillary has been busy helping chief technology officers, marketing and retail heads at some of the largest retail and consumer brands in Asia in their journey towards understanding their customers better and achieving “digital transformation” through what it call “Single View of Customer.”

More than 300 brands across more than 30 countries, including Pizza Hut, VF Brands, Walmart, Al-Futtaim, KFC, Starbucks, Madura Garments, Courts and Samsung trust Capillary to enable easy and seamless consumer experiences. With over 300 million consumers and 25,000 stores on the platform, Capillary is Asia’s leading company in its field.

Over 700 Capillary associates across 11 global offices are continually innovating to find new ways for brands to make their consumers’ lives easier and their experiences memorable.

“We focus on the interactions to our end-product users, in other words the consumers of our client's products. We try to track these consumers and make the experience in interacting with our clients enjoyable so at the end they will become repeat consumers,” Abhijeet stated.

Going with the changing consumer

Capillary recognizes that repeat business and consumer loyalty are vital in the growth of a business, and the company therefore helps its clients adapt to the changing patterns of their consumers. “We try to simplify how our clients interact with their consumers. We in Capillary want to provide a personalized service of the end-product consumers in order to boost satisfaction and business.”

What consumers want and what clients can provide are often two different things and here Capillary has to strike a balance between the two. Capillary does so by bringing its technological expertise into the equation to design a product that balances the needs of clients and the desires of end-product consumers.

“We have a variety of products that are available to our clients that focus on different ways to expand their businesses, starting from digital advertisements to the more focused customer tracking that lets our clients be aware of what their customers are buying and what they like,” Abhijeet explained.

Another aspect that Capillary focuses on is repeat customers. The company believes that the trend of giving consumers incentives to buy a product is outdated. “We instead work on incentivizing customers to be loyal to a brand by utilizing strategies such as loyalty rewards, coupons and exclusive discounts to loyal consumers,” he said.

“We found that by pulling customers in, rather than pushing the products out to them we have made more sustainable growth for a business. By tailoring the services to the wants and needs of the end-product consumer and simplifying the way they receive the products and how the business communicates with them will go a long way in ensuring their loyalty.”

Indonesia, with its growing consumer base, is a perfect place for Capillary to put down roots and help contribute to the local business community. Capillary's product is a perfect fit with the booming e-commerce industry and could be the next step for many companies seeking extra edge over their competitors.

“We aim to be the biggest tech company in Asia. We currently use or buy products from China or even the US to help businesses to become more efficient but we seldom utilize locally made technology solutions. So we focus our product design to work with the Asian business market for the Asian market,” stated Abhijeet.

“The reason behind this is because we see the market in the US or any western market as a very competitive market, whereas the Asian market is more value-based. The Asian market, especially in the Southeast Asian region, is a young and growing market that has a large potential for our company to grow with. That’s especially true in Indonesia, which has one of the leading business communities in the digital economy.”