Special Reports / October 2018

Balancing Beauty and Health

Being a healthy and fit individual has become the vogue in the current era, and people has been looking for ways to attain the peak of their physical performance. H Clinic is here to help with the need of being healthy and looking beautiful while doing that. CEO of the beauty clinic, Hanny Purnamasari, sat down with Globe Asia's Gilang Al Farisi to speak on the importance of balance between health and beauty. Here is the excerpts from the Interview. What makes H Clinic different from the rest? The main difference between our clinic to the rest is that we are not owned by a doctor. I believe that in order to understand clients of the clinic I should understand the products that are offered by the clinics. That is why H Clinic products are those who had been tried by me, and utilizing a standard that meets the international health standard. By trying out the procedure myself, I have gained a unique perspective to what a would want and how best to approach a client. Most clinics that have a doctor at the helm, while not always, would approach a client and basically give them a multiple choice of products and procedure. Here at H Clinic, we try to make the service a more personal affair and give them a more approachable service. Is being a business woman rather than a doctor make running the beauty clinic any easier? Not at all, it is very difficult regardless of the profession of the clinic owner I believe. Apart from the stiff competition the industry has, it is hard for me initially. Without a medical degree I have experienced clients being distrustful of my clinic. But, with all support from my husband, Abdhy Pirsawan Azis, the Chairman of PIRSS Group, we can make the business success in the field. I advise them is the procedure and products that are offered in the clinic. Everything that is offered in the clinic I have made sure is safe, as I have had them done to me, and I also made sure to update the medical procedures we apply to the clinic through research, and by attending medical seminars and read many medical journals, and see what’s going on international health. What kinds of procedure does the clinic offer? We offer a variety of services from botox injection, to fresh cell rejuvenation for our clients. We also offer services of specialist doctors so our can receive the best service from an expert in the field. The biggest in demand procedure of our clinic is currently our couples treatment, the rejuvenation of the intimate members, and anti aging treatment. H Clinic has Dermatologist, Obyn, Plastic Surgeon, and Urologist to complete the service. Other than the clinic, what other business do you run? I am currently the CEO of Priss group which other than the clinic, does business in property, and social media technology. Other than the company I participate in organization like Indonesian Indigenous Entrepreneurs Association (HIPPI) where I serve as the head of their health care field. How do you feel about the notion of surgery as a negative thing in Indonesia? I think that is part of the reason why I went and open H Clinic, to combat the negative preconception of the procedure. I am in a unique position as I have had the procedures done to myself and my husband at sometime of our lives, and the procedures that I advertized are those that I had done to us. I also maintain quality control of the products that H Clinic sell to the clients and also what the doctors in our clinics perform to the clients. We don't take shortcuts to the result that we promised to the clients, and I believe currently Indonesian are more accepting to the surgery than they are in the past. As I said, not only women are interested in maintaining their beauty but now men are also interested in doing so. Although women makes 70% of our clients, 30% of them are men seeking to get treatments. The men that comes to the clinic usually want to maintain their looks rather than altering them, they would opt for fresh rejuvenation in order to maintain their appearance and youth.