Corporate Round-up / October 2018

Canon Launches EOS R and New Lenses

Canon has introduced the latest addition to the existing EOS family, the Canon EOS R, its first 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor mirrorless interchangeable-lens digital camera that features an electronic viewfinder.

The company also unveiled four brand new RF lenses, two super telephoto EF lenses and one prime EF-M lens. Alongside the lenses, three types of RF mount adapters have been introduced to complete the EOS ecosystem – allowing users the flexibility of using their existing EF lenses with the new EOS R.

A compact Speedlite flash is also introduced to ensure users have all the necessary tool to turn their vision into reality. The 54 mm diameter RF mount is what makes EOS R unique with its short flange focal distance of 20 mm and 12-pin contact points for enhanced communication between the lens and the body, allowing for a new breed of compact, high image quality and advance specification lenses to be fabricated.

With RF Lenses, lens data can now be sent to the body for correcting any diffraction, aberrations, peripheral illumination or distortion through the in-camera Digital Lens Optimizer without affecting shooting speed. Improved data transfer between the camera and the lens allows improved image stabilization for both stills and video.