NEED TO KNOW / November 2019

CEO Tova Devasya Receives "2019 Most Inspiring Leader of Change and Executive Figure of the Year"

He was given the award as he has made significant changes which contributed to the accelerated progress of the Indonesian economy. The assessment was conducted by a jury consisting of career professionals and independent business people, to ensure competence and to maintain objectives. l Ketut Mardjana is not new to leadership. From Kintamani, Bali, he has been in numerous leadership positions in various government institutions. He has been active in the Ministry of Finance for over 27 years as well as leading various institutions, such as President Director of PT. Pos Indonesia in 2009. He has received various awards, including the Asian Development Best Executive Award, the ASEAN Social and Economic Corporation Golden Awards, the People of the Year from Harian Seputar Indonesia in 2011, and one of the best SOE CEOs announced in TEMPO in 2012.   After his work in government institutions, I Ketut Mardjana decided to focus on taking care of his tourism business - Toya Devasya Hot Spring & Wellness Resort founded in 2002. Since 2014, he has progressively made changes to align with tourist trends, for example focusing on digital media. Toya Devasya Hot Spring & Wellness Resort is the largest destination in the Bang Regency, a non-coastal district in Bali. Tova Devasya is located right on the edge of Lake Batur, overlooking beautiful mountain views. His resort, located in the Batur Kintamanl Geopark area, has 7 Hot Spring pools, 1 Olympic Size heated swimming pool, 2 spiral slide waterbom, spa facilities and a watersport platform to explore the lake. It is more than merely a hot spring, Toya Devasya is a "beach club" by the lake, in the Kintamani plateau - famous for its beauty and cool weather. Its Pool Bar provides cocktails and various distinctive waterfront drinks. There is also a coffee house that is serving Kintamani coffee as well as superior menu, buffet and ala carte dishes boasting Balinese, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cuisines. It also provides accommodation for those who want to spend the night in the natural silence of the Kintamani mountains. There are luxury villas for families and luxury resorts for honeymooners. In addition, Toya Devasya also provides camping facilities, where regular tents and semi-glamor tents are available for those who want to be closer to nature. Despite being far from the beach crowd in southern Bali, Toya Devasya has been recognized worldwide through the use of digital channels. In addition to Australian tourists, Toya Devasya is enlivened by tourists from China, Japan and India. Destinations in the volcanic region are visited by around 300,000 tourists per year or around 850 tourists per day, including local tourists visiting on weekends. As the only tourist destination that is able to absorb large numbers of tourists, Toya Devasya has succeeded in increasing the number of tourists visiting Bangli. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency in December 2018, the number of tourist visits to Bangli increased by 22.64% over the past year, with around 500,000 foreign tourists.