Snapshots / September 2016

Explore the Beauty of Europe with Emirates

Emirates is offering a complete list of must-visit Europe destinations for Indonesian travelers. The global connector of people and places is encouraging Indonesian travelers to visit and explore the beauty of European countries, including Italy, Spain and Norway. Emirates flies to 39 major cities in Europe, giving Indonesian travelers plenty of options to reach their favorite destinations. Italy and Spain are among the most desired destinations for tourists all over the world, including Indonesians. Emirates now flies to four cities in Italy, enabling travelers to enjoy shopping or admire art in Milan, go on historic journeys in Rome or ride a gondola and pass under the Bridge of Sighs for a romantic journey in Venice. Making up the quartet, Emirates is now flying to Bologna, site of the world’s oldest university and the closest airport to Florence, a city that Indonesians love to visit. Football enthusiasts can fly to Spain’s Madrid and Barcelona where they can watch top football matches and also spend time admiring the beauty of Madrid’s triangle of famous art galleries or marvel at the work of architect Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. Another Emirates gateway in Europe is Oslo, the capital of Norway. Norway is an all-year destination where tourists can enjoy the beauty of this dramatic country. In spring or summer, you can see the spectacular fjords and mountains around Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. The winter is the best time to explore the north of Norway for winter sports activities and to see the magical Aurora Borealis. Emirates also flies to other Scandinavian countries including Sweden and Denmark. Emirates, the world’s largest operator of Airbus A380s with 82 currently in its fleet, serves plenty more of the world’s most popular destinations including New York, Los Angeles, London, Munich, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Sydney and Auckland.