NEED TO KNOW / March 2019

Indonesia Embraces Tourism 4.0 recently announced a collaboration with the tourism ministry to bolster growth in the leisure industry. This partnership resulted in the launch of #tiketWonderfulIndonesia, a multi-platform advertising campaign aimed at developing tourism in the country. The project further aims to not only promote already booming travel sites, but also cultivate other destinations to contribute to the national economy. will focus on 15 destinations approved by the ministry. They are Jakarta; Bali; Bandung (West Java); Palembang (South Sumatra); Labuan Bajo (East Nusa Tenggara); Padang (West Sumatra); Makassar (South Sulawesi); Lombok (West Nusa Tenggara); Banyuwangi (East Java); Lake Toba (North Sumatra); the Riau Islands; the Yogyakarta-Solo-Semarang region in Central and East Java; and the so-called Coral Wonder region of Wakatobi-Bunaken-Raja Ampat, which stretches from Southeast Sulawesi to West Papua.

The tourism ministry and have come up with a three-part plan to further develop these 15 leisure destinations. The plan involves "super-extraordinary effort," "extraordinary effort" and "ordinary effort." "Super-extraordinary effort" relates to low-cost terminals and cross-border tourism. This part of the plan will see the tourism ministry encouraging the establishment of low-cost terminals at various airports in the country, while will target tourists traveling to Batam in the Riau Islands by plane, providing free shuttles or picking them up at the city's Hang Nadim International Airport. Cross-border tourism will further be expanded to more destinations in Indonesia to attract visitors from neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

"Extraordinary effort" will see providing special offers on airfares and hotel accommodation to tourists planning to visit the 15 priority destinations. Finally, "ordinary effort" involves a multi-platform advertising campaign specifically aimed at millennials.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has welcomed the partnership and said the collaboration would encourage growth in the leisure industry. He added that he believed cooperation with online platforms such as would attract more people to take time off from their busy schedules to explore Indonesia. "In collaborating with a startup business like, we at the Ministry of Tourism hope to attract more people to explore the rich cultural diversity of Indonesia," Arief said. "We also aim to develop Tourism 4.0 in Indonesia through the partnership."

The minister explained that "Tourism 4.0" is the next evolution of travel, facilitated by digital technology. This evolution is also characterized by shifting traveling habits among tourists who now often travel as individuals, rather than in groups or as part of organized tours. His ministry has therefore come up with several plans to capitalize on this trend to encourage the shift to Tourism 4.0 through collaboration with startup businesses, and building a digital ecosystem that caters to travelers.

" is proud to be a partner of the Ministry of Tourism in developing Indonesia's leisure industry," said Gaery Undarsa, co-founder and chief marketing officer of He added that was ready to accommodate the ministry's efforts to develop a digital tourism ecosystem in Indonesia. "The development of the ecosystem and the advertising campaign form part of our efforts to support Indonesia's shift to Tourism 4.0 and attract millennials to support the leisure industry," Gaery said. While the collaboration has already inspired several ideas to develop tourism, it will in the future present new and innovative programs to cultivate the industry. Both parties are currently doing their part to establish Indonesia as the world's top-trending tourism spot.