Companies / May 2018

Place Your Advertisement On Me

By Gilang Al Farisi

In the digital age, new media is saturated with advertising competing to sell services or products on the new platforms. Consumers are exposed to a wider range of products, making it tough for the advertiser to fight for space in the attention span.

Working against the trend, the founders of ADsvokat have chosen a different route to expose people to their ads. They initiated their business with the old-school approach of using physical advertising, with a twist.

With Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara setting the national goal of 44 local startups that can transform themselves into unicorns by 2020, there has been a lot of bustle in the digital industry. Daniel Tumiwa saw the target as a challenge and an opportunity to develop his own business.

Along with Andre Halomoan, Heru Herlambang and Achmad Moesadad Shatarie, Daniel founded and developed ADsvokat, a crowd-sourced advertising platform with a sharing economy concept. The platform works by connecting brands that have worked with ADsvokat with other members to advertise the brand both digitally and non-digitally.

Brand advertising is displayed by ADsvokat agents, through brand stickers or logos of the brand physically displayed by the agent. This approach to a more traditional billboard advertising model is supplemented by the utilization of digital technology, specifically with GPS on the agent’s mobile device.

The data obtained by the agents is processed to see the traffic that saw the advertisement and is utilized to further saturate the market with physical billboard-style advertising on ADsvokat. It utilizes its agents as living billboards advertising brands or products that are popular among people in the same area as the agent.

“The era of social media has made it simple for anyone to become a brand ambassador for their favorite brand and we at ADsvokat want to give the young generation the chance to become an influencer,” stated Daniel.

He founded the business when he saw the untapped potential of the younger generation that has been exposed to digital technology and has already been utilizing the technology in their daily lives and to interact with each other. He wants to enrich the younger generation with opportunities to learn while at the same time earning money.

Andre Halomoan, chief of product and co-founder of ADsvokat, said the development of a crowd-sourcing platform is designed to push the participation of many actors. Every brand and company that joins ADsvokat is encouraged to not only provide the opportunity to earn money while working with the media agency, but also provide the opportunity to learn the skills of an influencer.

The crowd-sourcing platform provides the opportunity for brands to create campaigns for their products through young ADsvokat agents who choose their favorite brands to advertise. These agents are tasked with spreading the brand's product through stickers posted on their cars, motorcycle helmet, laptops or mobile devices.

They are also required to post the brand they are advertising through their private social media account, like an influencer or celebrity would. Brands are encouraged to evaluate the performance of their ambassadors and reward them for their efforts.