NEED TO KNOW / July 2019

Simplifying Freelancing

With the internet having become such an integral part of modern life, getting a freelance gig is also becoming a simple and effortless process. Sampingan, an application designed to help find and develop talent, aims to further simplify the process of finding freelance work. The app was created in a collaboration by Wisnu Nugrahadi, Dimas Pramudya Putra and Margana Mohamad, who recently received funding from Golden Gate Ventures after an incubation event. The founders spoke with GlobeAsia’s Gilang Al Farisi about the online-based company’s goals and their plans for the business. The idea for Sampingan came from observing companies frequently resorting to outsourcing, either for convenience, or to save costs. “We started out by looking at how outsourced workers were being paid for their service. We then identified an opportunity to further develop this aspect of the business and went to work on ways to improve the situation for freelancers,” said Wisnu Nugrahadi, chief executive of Sampingan. The team noticed inconsistencies in freelancers’ work performance, as they are often hired in bulk, which means they are paid regardless of the standard of work they perform. “We then proposed that we cultivate the skills of the workers who sign up with us and design a system that rewards them based on their individual performance,” Wisnu added. With this new system, Sampingan has been able to better select workers for projects based on their skills. The system has also improved the performance of the companies that hire them. “Most companies, when hiring freelance workers, focus on the individual’s experience or skillset. We found that when businesses focus on this, they might not 100 percent get what they are looking for,” said Margana Mohamad, chief commercial officer of Sampingan. “By opening their hiring criteria and paying freelancers based on performance, companies eliminate the risk of underperforming when they depend on workers provided by Sampingan.” To ensure that “kawan sampingan,” or freelancers who have signed up with the company, perform as expected, the application divides the types of projects that are available. The app tracks the performance and progress of each individual. “We offer online and off-line work training to every freelancer who joins our network to help them perform better in their chosen assignment,” Wisnu said. Sampingan aims to be a solution to providing qualified technicians and skilled workers on a freelance basis in this era of startup companies and small and medium enterprises. “How we accomplish this goal, is to further cultivate the workers, or kawan sampingan, by encouraging them to learn new skills, as well as training for assignments that are available to them” Wisnu added. The types of work currently available on the app involve data collection, acquisition and sales. With these three categories, Sampingan aims to streamline its clients’ businesses. Partner companies can rely on the outsourced workforce that is available to further their business goals. “Kawan sampingan are also available outside the Jakarta area, making it easy for businesses to push their borders and capture target markets in places where they have yet to establish a presence,” Margana explained. Furthermore, what makes Sampingan different from similar services, other than cultivating workers’ skills, is that the workers are motivated by their own goals. “We always ask kawan sampingan, prior to them joining the platform, about their goals,” said Dimas Pramudya Putra, co-founder of Sampingan. “We then match the individual to the assignment based on these goals, whether it is money from the assignment or work they do, or to fill their time; we see this as the future of work.” With Sampingan’s requirement process open to freelancers, the platform embraces the concept of crowdfunding work. The platform aims to develop the country’s workforce and capitalize on the culture of freelance work, which the current generation is now embracing.