Style / May 2018

Cape Cod by Hermès

Cape Cod – the small peninsula stretching wide into the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Massachusetts – springs to mind stretches of dune beaches, quaint fishing villages, and ever-vigilant lighthouses. Ultimately the scenic town lent its name to one of the most successful design watches of the last 25 years: the Cape Cod by Hermès. The design, born in 1991 from Henri d’Origny’s vision of creating a chic, yet prominent style capturing the spirit of the eponymous peninsula. The Newest iteration of the Cape Cod features a rhodium-plated dial, polished to create a mirror-like effect and coated with a precious translucent lacquer. Two other variations are also introduced, with a single or double tour étoupe or Malta blue strap. The split “Anchor Chain” motifs are applied to the dials of these two models – a detail that once again channels the spirit of the Cape Cod, a sense of nuance and subtle discovery.