SIGNATURE / March 2019

Naturalist Take on Jewelry

The collection is comprised of of high and fine jewelry, and reflects a perfect balance of refined femininity and industrial modernity. The collection name and design were inspired by the idea of flower petals, cut from paper and delicately pinned together. Constructed and engineered with a platinum pin at its center, this organic, floral motif is reimagined through a modern and graphic lens. Krakoff is widely credited as the man who elevated fashion label Coach into the brand it is today. For Tiffany & Co. he was brought in to revamp the jewelry maker’s designs. With his new line of floral jewelry, Krakoff sought to infuse his philosophy of “everyday luxury,” where jewelry pieces are used and worn day-to-day, instead of reserved for special occasions. “Paper Flowers is about stripping away all of the rules associated with fine jewelry,” said Krakoff. “Luxury shouldn’t always mean formality, so we used precious stones and the finest materials, but in a way that you can live with every day.” Naturalism is at the heart of this collection as seen throughout Tiffany’s rich history–the vibrant color of the iris inspired the purple of tanzanite, while yellow diamonds echo the vivid hue of fireflies. Artfully crafted in highly polished platinum and set with brilliant diamonds, this expansive collection also highlights Tiffany’s unparalleled craftsmanship. Exemplifying the superior quality and exquisite design heritage, a high jewelry diamond bib necklace features over 68 carats with a mix of pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds. Each asymmetrical petal is connected to the next with effortless ease, showcasing the ingenious construction and attention to detail. The collection ranges from pendants and earrings to bracelets and rings, and will be available in select stores and on