SIGNATURE / October 2019

Reach New Heights

For example, the 2000LXS can fly non-stop from Jakarta to: Sydney, Dubai and Sapporo in far northern Japan. The 2000LXS has a maximum take-off weight of 42,800 lb, which means the aircraft is lighter than its direct competitors, so it has a lower fuel burn. It is also cheaper to maintain. The aircraft’s engine-maker, Pratt & Whitney, has flexible engine maintenance programs that are tailored based on number of flight hours flown, which in turn delivers significant cost savings to customers because you only pay for what you use. The 2000LXS is on the Indonesian aircraft registry, so this aircraft model is already approved by the Indonesian authorities to fly in Indonesia. Indonesia has many airports with short runways, a challenge that the 2000LXS is designed to conquer as it is a short take-off and landing aircraft. It has a take-off distance of 4,675ft (1,425m) at maximum take-off weight. And a landing distance of just 2,300ft (689m) at maximum landing weight, which is 1,000ft less than its direct competitors. Another unique feature of the 2000LXS is its rate of climb – it can take off and climb to 41,000ft in 20 minutes, a much faster ascent than competitor aircraft. It means the 2000LXS can overcome mountainous terrain easily. And in a country like Indonesia, which is prone to many thunderstorms, the aircraft can get out of the weather quickly to high altitude where it cruises above the weather. Flying at high altitude means the aircraft is above busy commercial airspace. At high altitude there is also no or very little air turbulence, leading to a smoother ride. The 2000LXS, like all Dassault aircraft is designed for performance, but it is also designed for comfort. It has a cabin that is 7ft 8in (2.34m) wide, wider than its competitors’, and it offers true comfort for 10 passengers on an eight-hour flight. The 2000LXS’s cabin is spacious, stylish and very quiet. The aircraft cabin’s 18 large windows provide plenty of natural light and the aircraft’s environmental control system keeps the air constantly refreshed so you arrive at your destination, even after long flight, feeling energetic and refreshed.