Style / June 2018

Redefining the Living Space with Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has been known to design, redesign and redefine the living room entertainment set. “Sound is more than half the picture” is their motto and it reflects the newest design from them. The BeoVision Eclipse merges the best that Bang & Olufsen and LG Electronics have to offer, audio, visuals, and timeless aesthetics.

BeoVision Eclipse is both a television and a music system presented in one solution. The screen’s integrated and 450 watt 3-channel SoundCentre offers both Stereo performand and centre channel, surpassing most integrated solutions and soundbars on the market. By also integrating internet radio and music streaming services, BeoVision Eclipse becomes a music system in its own right.

The BeoLab 50 is the first loudspeaker from the engineers at Bang & Olufsen, emerging from their innovative workshop, BeoLab 90. The set brings about an entirely new standard for state- of-the- art loudspeakers. A result of the of avant-garde acoustic research and technological development of BeoLab 90.

The new loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen presents sophisticated sound and beautiful design. The silhouette of BeoLab 50 is slender, tall and rounded by floating lines and visible edges. The silver-polished aluminums surfaces and warm oak wood lamellas, a design calling card of Bang & Olufsen.