SIGNATURE / October 2019

The Weightless Watch

The result of this inspiration is a series of boundary-breaking timepieces in terms of aesthetics and technology, designed for connoisseurs of exceptional objects. Fans of avantgarde watchmaking can look forward to the introduction of the innovative ultralight Excalibur Spider Carbon 3. For the first time, Roger Dubuis has created a timepiece offering a full carbon structure. From the case to the calibre via the bracelet, the Excalibur Spider Carbon 3 is mainly made of multi-layer carbon. This mechanical prowess, playing with the many constraints of carbon in such thin dimensions, enables even further weight reduction. Light and comfortable, the Excalibur Spider Carbon 3 weigh in at an astounding 81 grams. Despite the incredible weight reduction of the timepiece, at the heart of the chronograph beats heavy complication and emblem of Roger Dubuis’ haute horlogerie mastery: the skeleton flying tourbillon. Taking this difficult sleight of the Maison’s expertise to the next level, the all-important upper cage of the brand’s latest masterpiece is also made of carbon. Superlight and incridibly comfortable while making its massive presence felt in no uncertain terms, this boutique exclusive is limited to just 28 pieces worldwide. To show that Roger Dubuis never does anything by halves, the Excalibur Spider Carbon 3 is accompanied by an interchangeable rubberTech strap and crown and is Poinçon de Genève certified.