Style / June 2018

An unveiled wisdom of the nature

KaIND, a local brand that has emerged gracefully in the end of 2014 from Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia is presenting the hidden gem of nature by embracing natural sources and being unveiled as an eco-conscious brand within the era.

The combination of traditional Pasuruan batik motifs such as Parang Ayu, Tansah Kelingan or Mundak Arum and contemporary touch of style have resulted various items such as hand-woven scarves, batik cloths and home living collection.

These are crafted from scratch by the masterful artisans and talented locals in Pasuruan to raise up the bar from the domination of textile industries, along with the usage of non-machinery weaving tools as known as ATBM (Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin) and carrying the refreshed outlook of Pasuruan’s batik tulis which embodied the prominent level of Batik.

By advocating fair-trade, local empowerment and the prestige of natural dyed batik, KaIND has been appointed by BEKRAF to be presented at Inacraft on 25th – 29th April 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.