Style / June 2018

A Celebration 8 Decades in the Making

A few months ago, Lacoste replaced its iconic logo for a limited edition capsule to help bring awareness to save 10 endangered species. Now, celebrating its 85th anniversary, Lacoste returns with a standout range of apparel and accessories. The newest collection takes inspiration from the French noble colors of white and blue with a minimalist style to reflect the freshness and simplicity of the band symbol of the French elegance. The graphics and decoration represent and reinterpret a classic yet innovative artistic view on the movement dear the iconic Crocodile. The 85th anniversary collection took 15 classic designs from the Lacoste archive, ranging from eight unisex polo shirts, with each style correlating from the ‘40s to the ‘90s, three dresses, a pair of shoes and three bags. The collection aims to reflect on 85 years of creativity and innovation in their design, material and shape, and breathes new life into the retro pieces by infusing contemporary colors into the mix.