Grimm & Co. Restaurant Circa 1888 i

Grimm & Co. Restaurant formerly located on Jl. Pahlawan, Surabaya. Photo by Pemkot Surabaya.

By : rudi_pandjaitan | on 3:26 PM May 03, 2016
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A rare photo of the Grimm & Co. Restaurant formerly located on Jl. Pahlawan, the main thoroughfare of the East Java capital, where it faced the iconic Tugu Pahlawan. The restaurant used to be a favorite hang-out place where Dutch residents, expats and the Surabaya elite drank, dined and danced. The upper level of the building was used for exclusive dining and dancing while the lower level was used as a patisserie where famous Dutch taartjes (tarts, pies and cakes) were sold. The restaurant’s strategic location made it very popular among visiting traders and rich Indonesians. The restaurant closed in 1920 and was transformed into a car garage. Then in 1935 the building was renovated to become the Armada Canteen, frequented by sailors and shipmasters. The building was then demolished to make way for development and modernization of the city. Surabaya still has many historic buildings which are well-preserved.