Style / June 2018

Tomorrow’s Classic, Today

Swatch’s newest design is a combination of an elegant profile with a lustrous sheen and yet it still hints at a playfulness that Swatch is known for. The SKIN Irony is the first metallic version of its slimmest watch line. The new collection present eight redesigns featuring meticulously brushed and polished stainless steel wrapped in a vintage-esque metal case, rough and classic leather as well as soft silicone. The SKIN Lingot and SKIN Pole are presented in gold and silver respectively, options for those choose to make a statement with their accessories. The SKIN Brushed and SKIN Noiriron features the rough leather strap in black and brown, opting for a casual yet still eye-catching tone. The SKIN Irony collection aims to create a new reference of style, standing for a generation of understated, minimal and sophisticated design language. A #FutureClassic that solemnly affirms one’s personality and foresight into the classics of tomorrow.