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By : cnugraha | on 11:34 AM December 19, 2018
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Electronic gadgets have become one of the cornerstones of modern society as we embrace the digital revolution. With vast improvements in internet infrastructure and connectivity in Indonesia, more people now depend on the web for their everyday needs than ever before. Unfortunately, the quality of life in many parts of the country has yet to match that of urban areas. Poor connectivity meanwhile also negatively affects education in these areas, but there is a solution.

Gilang Al Farisi

Endless Indonesia, a subsidiary of Endless Computers, a San Francisco-based technology company focused on the development of an operating system specifically for use in developing countries, is on a mission to provide students with access to unlimited information and educational content. The company identified the opportunity after looking at growth potential in in Indonesia's education industry, and people's receptiveness to technology. The company decided to contribute to the nation's growth and development by providing students with greater access to information and technology.

Endless provides affordable computing solutions, with each product supported by a solid operating system that is simple to operate and which can be programmed to provide the most recent, relevant and accurate information available. Students can access the information on the computer even without an internet connection. This makes these devices suitable for use in rural areas that still lack reliable internet connectivity. The computers update their content whenever an internet connection is available, with each update offering hundreds of hours of activities for students to enjoy.

Matt Dalio, founder and chief executive of Endless, said the greatest strength of the company's products are their simplicity and familiarity. "We find that even though there is a large demand for smartphones and mobile gadgets, people would ultimately go back to their computers to work," Dalio said. "And at Endless we see mobile gadgets as a great tool for communication and entertainment, but less desirable for studying or working." Endless specifically targets children and students as they would benefit more from a computer to use in their education.

While the software industry is for the most part dominated by Microsoft and Apple, Endless is bringing something new to the table. Its Linux-based operating system is designed to be as simple as possible to make it as easy to use as a smartphone. But the true value comes from the educational content and a wealth of applications, which can be downloaded to provide students with more information and activities. Applications available for Endless computers are designed specifically for emerging markets. "We find that almost 90 percent of people use their computers just to browse the internet; we found a way to download the most pertinent information from the internet onto our computers for students to learn," Dalio said. The company capitalizes on the fact that storage is a lot cheaper than bandwidth. "Seventy percent of web traffic does not come from the main server, but from local servers that cache the data from the main server. So what we do, is download the content at the source and transport the storage media to students," Dalio explained.

The computer comes preloaded with educational content, which can be refreshed periodically. They are also preloaded with games specially designed for learning. Endless has collaborated with game developer E-Line Media to create games that can be used to teach children mathematics, English and computer coding. "This is something most parents would love, as their children would usually stay glued to their gadgets, playing games all the time. But now, children can learn while playing our games" Dalio said. With the computers designed by Endless, parents would have less to worry about what their children access on the internet, as they have more control over to the content.